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The final exam time and location for courses offering a final exam will be listed in the Schedule of Courses. The time of examinations in courses which do not have common final examinations is determined by the days and times the class is scheduled for during the semester.

  • If the conflict is between two regularly scheduled exams, discuss the situation with your instructors for a resolution.
  • If one of the exams that conflicts is a common final examination, the regularly scheduled course examination has priority.
  • Check with the instructor of the common final examination for the date/time of the make-up examination.
  • If not resolved, contact your Associate/Assistant Dean’s Office.

No student should be required to take more than two examinations during any one day of the final examination period. Students who have more than two examinations scheduled during one calendar day during the final examination period may contact the Academic Student Affairs Office in their college for assistance in arranging for an alternate time for one of the three examinations.

Final Exams for the Summer Sessions and all Special Sessions which do not conform to the standard Fall and Spring semester calendars are given during the last class period.

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar.

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