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New for Fall 2015, students will now have the ability to pick the hall, floor, and room they would like. Starting in March, students who have submitted their Advanced Enrollment Deposit (AED) and Housing Contract will be able to select their room by logging in to MyHousing through the website. Roommate preferences can be requested. Visit MSU LiveOn for daily for updates and changes concerning your housing assignment.

You can use Facebook to find a roommate. Michigan State University offers RoomSync, a Facebook-based application that lets students find their own roommate matches. Any student with a MyHousing ID and a Facebook account can log on and use the application. Simply log onto your Facebook account, then do a search for "RoomSync." After the RoomSync page is shown, follow these steps:

1. Join a network (type “Michigan State University”)

2. Select a Sub Network — choose either "new" or "returning" student (you will then be asked for your MyHousing ID)

3. Select a Room Size — choose from the drop-down box You are now ready to begin searching for a roommate!

RoomSync will send a notification of your roommate request to the Housing Assignments Office. You may match and unmatch with others as many times as you would like while the network is active. (Michigan State University will allow up to three mutual roommate requests per student.) If you have any questions about RoomSync please contact the Housing Assignments Office at 517-884-LIVE (5483) or by emailing

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