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Transcript Abbreviations 

PI – Preceded In Progress = Course taken is currently being repeated and new attempt has not been graded yet.
TWV - Transfer waiver = Credit granted in relation to a course waiver credit is given for.
SI- Superseded In Progress = Previous course is being repeated and this attempt has not been graded yet.
PR – Preceded Repeated = Courses has been repeated by another course taken later
SR – Superseded Repeated = Course being used as a repeat of a previous course taken.
NR – The course is not being calculated as a repeat of the previous attempt.
RN – Course is re-enrollable for a specific number of credits. Therefore, the course is not a repeat of the previous attempt.
NGR – No grade reported = Special circumstances may prevent an instructor from submitting grades on time. As soon as the instructor submits the grades and they are records, the NGR markers are erased and do not appear in the updated student record or on printed transcripts.
ET – Extension = An ET-Extension grade is given to undergraduate, graduate, and graduate-professional students only in courses specifically approved by the University Committee on Curriculum.
DF – Deferred = A DF-Deferred grade is reserved for graduate students who are passing a course but for reasons acceptable to their instructors cannot complete the course during the regularly scheduled course period. The initial DF-Deferred grade marker will remain on a student's transcript for the term of instruction for which it was issued, even after the student has completed and submitted the required work and the instructor has reported a student's final grade in the course. 

Michigan State University does not convert numerical grades to letter grades.

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